September 2021

Maestro Tabachnik van Carin Goeijers

Maestro Tabachnik shows the world famous Swiss conductor Michel Tabachnik. He directed great orchestras like the Orchestre de Paris, the Berlin Philharmonic and the Royal Dutch Concertgebouw Orchestra, as well as composing contemporary classical pieces.
Following a series of murders/suicides by members of the French/Swiss Order of the Solar Temple cult, Tabachnik was branded an accomplice by the authorities. But in 2006 Michel Tabachnik was found completely innocent.
The documentary shows Michel Tabachnik's relentless drive to realize his ambitions and fight his way back with the Orchestra of the Northern Netherlands to the musical top. The rehearsals for his Piano Concerto exemplify the fascinating relationship between an ambitious director / composer and his orchestra, while showing at the same time the personal spiritual quest which is expressed in his music. See opening sequence...